Motion pathing

Hey guys,

I want to make the camera follow a motion path, pause at a point for an interactive part, and then continue along the path.

I tried making two curves, so I play the first motion path till the end, but then the second mopath instead of starting where the first one stops, it starts from the same point that the first one started.

I have created the curves in maya, how can I set the start point of the second curve (either in maya or panda?) ?

Also, if its easy to create just one curve and somehow pause in the middle please let me know. The reason I haven’t used this method is that it seems not possible with MopathInterval. I of course might be wrong :slight_smile:

Here is my code so far :

#Create the camera dummy node 
    self.camera_dummy_node = render.attachNewNode("camera_dummy_node") 
    # Attach the camera to the dummy node. 
    motionPath1 = Mopath()
    t = motionPath1.getMaxT()
    print t
    self.m = MopathInterval(motionPath1,self.camera_dummy_node, name="cameraPath")
    motionPath2 = Mopath()
    self.m2 = MopathInterval(motionPath2,self.camera_dummy_node, name="cameraPath2")

def checkCollisions(self,task):
    if (self.cpanda == True) and (self.ctoxotis == True) and (self.cjack == True) :
        self.cpanda = False
        self.ctoxotis = False
        self.cjack = False
    return Task.cont

Thanks, any help appreciated.


I know little about Maya, but in Panda you can control the portion of the curve that is traversed by the MopathInterval by setting the fromT and toT parameters. The total curve begins at t = 0 and continues until t = curve.getMaxT().