motion path issues

hi to all,

I am trying to use a motion path curve in order to move my camera according to a curve. The results are not as I wanted so I tried to print the camera position at each frame.
I have two issues:

Let´s say that in the motion path file I have

<Vertex> 0 {
        -13  23 -20 1

and when I print the position of the camera I have x=-13 y=20 and Z=23

Why I got y=20 instead of y=-20

the first four points in motion path files are:

<Vertex> 0 {
        -13.05 23.84 -20.47 1
      <Vertex> 1 {
        -14.83 23.84 -20.40 1
      <Vertex> 2 {
        -15.0 23.84 -17.86 1
      <Vertex> 3 {
        -16.26 23.84 -14.30 1

but when I print the camera position I got:
-13.05 20.47 23.84
-13.99 20.27 23.84
-14.00 20.27 23.84
-14.02 20.26 23.84

Why I am not getting the desired values for the cameras pos?

Thank you for all your help

Well, my guess is that the .egg file says the coordinate system is Y-up left-handed. If that’s incorrect, change it to Y-up-right.

Actually, that is a y-up right-handed transform. Since Panda is Z-up right-handed, it means when it loads a y-up egg file, y = -z and z = y (this is the 90-degree conversion from y-up to z-up).

If you don’t want any conversion, set your egg file to z-up in the first place.


you were right drwr.

thank you both for your replies.