More that 1 Texture

I have a blender created cube, in a 3d space with the same texture on each face. The texture is just a flat 512 X 512 jpg. I can replace the texture but that just replaces all the surfaces


However I want a different texture on each face and can not find a way to do it in either Panda or Blender.

Can someone please clue me in to the easist way as I am at a loss on how to do it.

I am not very good at either but the panda makes more sence at the moment than blender :slight_smile:


Hey, I’m far from being an expert, but nobody replies, so here I go:

You have several options:

-If you don’t have plans on switching textures while the game is running just make different materials with each different texture and apply it to the corresponding face through the uv face select, then in edit mode (f9) there is a link and materials tab, there you click the assign button and that should get the job done.

For more flexible methods

  • You can split the cube (in blender) and have instead 6 planes (This way works fine, just mind the normals)
  • You can flag every face (in the egg, I think) so panda can manage it and you can dinamically apply a different texture. (I’ve never done it actually)

Thanks for the reply I was getting dispondent at the lack of replies…

I think I will try the 6 planes method first as it sounds the easist. I like the idea of identifying each face of the cube but there seems no way of then texturing each of the ID’d faces.

Thanks again :stuck_out_tongue: If I do find a solution then I will post it back here.

in blender you could unfold the cube and UV-map it. to do so, do the following:

-go to edit mode
-mark all the edges where you wish the slices to be (you cant unwrap it without cutting - just like in RL)
-then press ctrl-e and choose the first option (mark seams)
-select all with a
-press u and chosse the first entry (unwrap)

now if you open the uv image editor, you can export the texture or paint directly on it.

other way: if you only want to map such a simple thing like a cube, you also could select all (a) and unwrap it from views - this is called unwrap (smart projections) - and it’s the last entry in the unwrap dialog (u).

hope this helps.

ps: i don’t know if someting about this changed for the new 2.48 version. i’m still using the old 2.47