More than 2 joysticks

I am trying to use 3 joysticks. I am using the pygame engine but I can not get it to recognize more than 2 joysticks.
I have checked my device manager and it reconginzes all 3 joysticks.
I have tried putting the joystick into different combinations on my labtops 4 usb ports.
It doesn’t matter. When I do a print pygame.joystick.get_count() the most it will ever return is 2.

Can you help me please?

Is it possible to have more than 2 controllers? Has anyone here done it before?

You might try asking the pygame developers. I don’t have any experience with pygame myself. There are people on this forum who have used it, to a greater or lesser extent, but you’ll probably get more authoritative answers from the people who wrote it. :slight_smile:


For what do you ned 3 Joysticks if i may ask?