Modifiying the Intervals in a Sequence

Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to modify the intervals in a sequence. Say for example, I had

seq = Sequence(LerpHprInterval(self.model, time/16, Point3(angle, self.model.getP(), self.model.getR())),\
                            LerpPosInterval(self.model, time*15/16, Point3(endpoint[0], endpoint[1], endpoint[2])))

How do I do something like changing the Hpr or the Pos of the end point of the interval currently running?


what do you mean with ‘modify intervals’, how you want to modify them?

um like:

so with the above code I want to for example, take the currently running interval and pass it updated Pos parameters depending on what changes during the time of the Interval


The API reference is always useful:

ah, ok

I just didn’t know you could index a sequence like that. I thought you had to call Seq.getIntervalList() or something similar.

Thanks very much pro-rsoft