Oh, the texture shows up fine, it’s just that I can’t figure out how to put it into MY program. Your textures work fine though :slight_smile: My forum post is in general discussion if you need more info though.

Liking what you’ve got :slight_smile:

Released 0.06. It’s really only for playing with your friends online, but everyone needs to join at the same time. More of an explanation here:

I’ll try to get a fix for it ASAP so it’s worthwhile for people to spend time building things.

If anyone wants to play with me, reply to this thread, and I’ll try to check my email for a notification often.

Would there be a better way to contact people to play? IRC?

0.07 is out and here’s a video of the game so far

the link to your website is broken for me

It kind of comes and goes, but it’s free. At some point I’m going to be switching over to a paid version.

Also, if you do start a server, make sure you port forward so other people can join. You might have to do TCP and UDP as separate entries in your port forward table.

0.08 is out. I’ll try to leave a server running in case people want to play.

Added Features
Verification that server and client are running same version
Displays name of players when you selected them with with your crosshairs
Map save file gets backed up on save

Bug Fixes
Map save / server kick bug
Respawn bug
Menu visibility bugs
Client reconnect bugs
Camera spinning when game window isn’t focused
Blue screen on respawn

Known Bugs
Mouse click occurs when focusing window – can unintentionally build or destroy block

Added download link to website in case you want to run it in full screen

New video of progress. Started to add the shooter aspect of ‘first person shooter’

0.10 Alpha is out. It’s starting to become more game-like. Feel free to give it a shot and let me know what you think. Get a hold of me somehow if you want to try it online - I can host a server.

Does this server support spoilers? I’d like to list the changelog here, but I don’t want to take up screen retail space with it unless someone opts in to view it.

The links to mediafire seem to be down, any chance they could be put back up?

Badger me via my email and I’ll post the entire project on github in a few days. I don’t have time to maintain this project, so I don’t care if anyone has the source.

email: edbighead11[at]

Hey just wondering what is the status on puttin’ the project up on github? I think I emailed you a couple of days ago (Oct 17th I think) through deltasquad451[at] Thanks