models with alpha channel in texture

Hi all!

I made a model of a palm in blender. The texture has alpha channel.
This is how it look in the editor. Seems like everything is fine with material setting.

This is how it is rendered in Panda, after I export the model in egg with chicken exorter

Here is the model itself with a texture, .blend and .egg … f6e8ebb871 (btw, feel free to use it). Can anyone give me a tip , how to render it in Panda with alpha channel? Maybe I forgot to turn on some options? Thanks!

First of all update your Chicken version :wink: The 1.0 is very old…

If you have SVN you can checkout it from SourceForge repository, otherwise you can download the last revision (r56) from SourceForge Chicken site :slight_smile: