Models Textures and Skybox Content

Hi @all,

this my first time in these forums and i want to show our website which offer
models, textures and great skyboxes for game design
(in progress)

There are different formats avaiable, tell if something is missing.

Also there is some free content.

You can contact us, when you need something special.

design critic is also welcome.


Hi Andreas,
I’m just browsing your shop and the frist thing i noticed, is that your offer is quite limited - I counted less than 30 individual packages where most of them are skyboxes. The pricing is ok, considering the competition.

A big no-go are the missing product pages like and all the empty categories. Other important informations like the file formats or included maps are missing.

Additionaly i found something weird in your terms of business: it says you are not allowed to distribute the models or textures, which makes them quite useless for realtime graphics, where the customer gets all models and textures (in one or another form).

Yes, i am just started the site befor a few weeks, so we wanna fill
it with much more.

Yes you are right, we fix this immediately, sorry for these mistakes.

No, this is a missunderstanding.

It means, that you can sell it with you project of course, but you can not
buy the models textures etc. and then sell them seperate in a shop like our.

I try to make this clearer with an example.

Thx for the words!