Models for sea games?

Im just wonderin if any of you guys have and ship models that they would like to share because I cant find any anywhere and I’m not sure about how to
make one

Have you looked at the models available on this site, under the “Downloads | 3D Models” menu, specifically the “Water Vehicles” category?


I did but I need like 17th century pirate ship type models

Check out for a free 3D modeler and tutorials on learning using Blender.

I tried blender… not my type of 3d maker 2 complicated to use

I’d have to agree with you on that one. Gmax, 3dsmax, and Maya all have good UI’s; I think Blender could win over more people if the UI was more like the *max programs (at the risk of sounding cliche). And with respect, could you please make your future posts grammactically correct??

I’m guessing you want something for nothing. If you want models you’ll have to lean to make them or find someone to make them for you.

did you look here?

Yes… If ya read the post heh oh and thanks for the gmax and 3dsmax stuff!

sorry for double pos but heres a really cool place I found which has alot of the model making stuff which I bet you guys would like so give it a check :slight_smile: