models coming from blender are translucent

So I modelled, rigged, and animated a little test in blender.
I’ve had very good luck loading this thing up in panda, and getting it to work.

The problem i’m having right now is that the materials are translucent.
I say that because when the thing is facing front, and of course there is a light shining on it, it looks fine. There is a little colored “button” on the front which appears correctly.

When I rotate it around and face it away from the camera I can still see the colored button, even though it should be hidden now. No the button does not stick all the way through the back too.

Seems to me that this must be an error in my blender setting, but the same thing does not appear when I render the same thing in blender, either still, or animated. It only renders translucent in panda.

what I have done is created a single mesh object, and mapped materials to faces.

Any thoughts or advice? Thanks!

Is the model simple enough that you can post the egg file? It might be easier to see what you are talking about if we could see the model in question.


from the describtion… it soudns like your have a vertex-normal problem.
in blender, switch to edit-mode, select all faces/vertices/edges (whichever you like but all of them) , press space->edit->normals->recalculate outside.

the other, more unlikely option, is that you have transparency in the vertex colors which can happen when using an old way to bake global illumination into vertices.
my bet goes on wrong vertex normals :slight_smile: if its something else. try to attach a screenshot so we can actually see whats wrong

You guys were exactly right!
It was vertex normals. I thought I had the faces pointed the right way but i did the vertexes and they were all pointed in.

It’s all good now, thanks!