modeling a level ... tip

when i first started modeling for my game i would start a new blender file everytime i wanted to create a model. I’m now realizing I should lay out my whole level in just one blender document and just select one model at a time and export it. the advantage of this is the scale stays consistent.

or you can just remember to look at what scale you are at.

Your system should work, Brian, as should yours, Treeform.

The main problem that I see with the first is that is can become a little unwieldy, I think, and can potentially make selecting small items more of a nuisance as others get in the way. The main problem that I see with the second is that it can be easy to make scaling mistakes without a “solid” reference, I think, especially given Blender’s multi-level grid.

Personally, I like a middle path: I tend to keep my models either separate or in fairly limited clusters, but “append” reference items when I want them, sometimes deleting them later.

i like to mention that blender is able to link objects even between blender files.
so you can have a blend file for each model, and one file where they are all linked into a “scene” where you can check scales. if you change the scale in the “scene” file and save the changes, the single model-files will get changed,too.

i never really used this feature but it should work as advertised since it’s in blender for quite a while now.

True, but it feels safer to me to append, so that an error in one file doesn’t affect others.

What I do is creating a measurement pole. Instead of the box in the main blender scene. I have a scene with a pole inside. This pole has a certain lenght. I reference it as 1m.

kind regards.

I just use the default blender box.