Model Sizes

I have written a routine to convert a format Im using into the egg format. The trouble is, the converted size is 11Mb and the format Im converting from is about 300k. As you can see, its a huge difference and then takes panda a while to load it in.

Is there a smaller format that panda can read natively?
The conversion is pretty simple as Im just doing triangles and polys, perhaps it would be wise for me to convert the model during load as its a simple process. But how hard is it to create a model this way in panda?

Thanks in advance.

The egg format is not designed to be small; it’s designed to be readable by humans and by every future version of Panda.

The smaller format that Panda can read natively is bam, but there aren’t any (and you probably shouldn’t try to write any) tools to convert directly to bam. Probably the best course of action is to generate your 11 Mb egg file as you are doing now, but then immediately convert it to bam with egg2bam. Then load the bam file in your program.


I asked a similar questions for my direct X models that were 600K and became 6-12megs as .egg.

I 've tried the egg2bam. It converts pretty fast. The model is really less big (lunder 1 meg) and load really faster in panda!

However keep your source file at a handy. There seem there is now way back from bam to egg and bam are panda version dependant …

(from what i have understood)

Thanks for the info, Ill give that a try.