model graph

Hi all )

When I imported a model in which the geometry is subject to the hierarchy, I found that the parent node is split into two nodes - purely PandaNode and GeomNode (no name!). Why so? Why are not directly related to GeomNode (inherited from PandaNode)?

Pipeline: Blender->Chicken->Panda3d. Chicken kills gPlaneN, placing the data under the PlaneN, and the loader restores GeomNode without a name (.

In addition:

a.copyAllProperties(b) # [color=red]NO EFFECT (name,tags and transform - are not copied)
PandaNode.copyAllProperties(a,b) # [color=red]NO EFFECT

a.copyTags(b) # [color=green]NO PROBLEM

So PandaNode.copyAllProperties() - failed ?