Model given wrong texture path when extracted from .mf

Hi, I need some help to figure this out. I extracted a bunch of files from .mf files. The instructions I found said put the .mf files and the multify.exe program from Panda into your user folder. Then to extract, I used command prompt witht the following command:

C:/Users/name>multify.exe -x -f

It turned the .mf files into folders, which had the contents, but when I view the .bam models with pview all the textures are missing. In the command prompt window that pops up underneath pview, I get an error like

:gobj(error): Unable to find texture"filepath/folder/filename.jpg" on model-path /c/Panda3D-1.81/bin..;/c/Panda3D-1.81/etc/../name of model folder

Sorry for the anonymized file names, but some of them are complicated. From what I understand, it’s looking for the textures in the Panda 3d folder instead of the folder they are in. I need it to be able to find the textures in a relative file path, not an absolute one and definitely not in the Panda folders. Is there any way I can change it? Thanks!

Please don’t double-post.

Edit your Config.prc to add the line:

model-path /c/fooby/dooby/doo

where /c/fooby/dooby/doo refers to c:/fooby/dooby/doo (or whatever it is), and is the directory where it should be looking for these textures.


Sorry for the double post. :confused: My bad. Thanks for the help, that fixed it.