Model Creation

Does anyone have recommendations for model-creation tools? I have been trying to use Blender for several days now and cannot get a model created that can be used in Panda. Here’s what I am trying to create;

I need an outdoor scene that a user can navigate froma first-person perspective, using the keyboard. No shooting or fighting, just wandering around and exploring. The landscape needs to be large enough to be interesting, with places to “hide” things. There also need to be distant landmarks - such as mountains - that the user cannot get to but can be used for orientation purposes. ie; snow-covered mountain to the west…

I am considering using Terragen but I’m not sure how hard it is to get models from it to Panda3d. Any suggestions, recommendations or tips would be greatly appreciated.


Test with wings3d.
I it is what use to create Mesh and UVW.

The animations and the texture, are had to create in another software.


Much luck…