Model Converter Documentation

Since I finally got around to figuring out how to log into the wiki again, I’d like to take some time and document what features are supported by the various importers. To be able to do this, I’m going to need some help from the rest of the community; I don’t have the time or ability to test all of the importers and determine what’s supported, but I’d love to get all this documented in the manual.

So far, here’s the features I’d like to document:

  • colliders
  • tags
  • animation
  • bones / armature animation
  • materials
  • alpha maps
  • normal maps
  • object types
  • empty objects (really only applies if the converter supports tags)

and here’s the list of exporters/converters I’d like to document:

  • Chicken
  • x2egg
  • dae2egg
  • dxf2egg
  • flt2egg
  • lwo2egg
  • maya2egg5
  • maya2egg6
  • maya2egg65
  • vrml2egg
  • loadMesh() with .x
  • loadMesh() with .dae
  • other formats supported by loadMesh? (I’m not sure which ones are supported)

Is there anything I’m missing from either list? Do you have information on the support of any of these features under any of these converters? Post it here!


Does anyone have any input on this? I’ll be doing some research myself, but I don’t have the tools to test all of these myself… I don’t own Maya, 3DS Max, etc., so I’m pretty much constrained to Blender.

Maybe i can contribute some info on animations, materials and maps and exporting with chicken.

Empty objects can be used without tags, too, btw, although restricted to little details.
You can just use a two words name where the first word is the variable/type and the second its value.
I’m using this approach for exporting camera views and it works just fine.

Just inform me on what parts in particular you need help.

Small advice: make an ordered list sorted by priority and go step for step, not everything at once. It’s a huge chunk of work you plan there.