Missing SceneEditor in panda 1.4.2?

I’ve just installed Panda 1.4.2. and there is no SceneEditor folder and no greetings card. I have never worked with panda since 1.3.2, but is this normal?


Yap. Since the Scene Editor isn’t maintained for a long time, it has been moved outta way. (a search might have been helpfull to find that answer on your own) :wink:

However, I dunno about the greeting card - this should be working except it has its reasons I don’t know…

Regards, Bigfoot29

the reason is that I dont like it :wink: I was happy to see the greeting card gone.

The greeting card has a bug of some sort, I need to fix it before I include it. But frankly, I didn’t much care for it either.

Thanks for answer. I am considering using Panda for a game project (my first “serious” one) and I am pretty new to this forum too. About the greeting card well, I really think it is useful for newcomers, I remember being very happy to see it when I first installed Panda on the computer. I am very curious how the workflow is now without scene editor, I will try to search more posts about it.

is that ture sceneeditor gone? what a shame I just search forum “sceneeditor” keyword. is it really useless? but without it how to layout game world in Panda?

It’s not useless. It’s just that the number of useful panda tools has grown to the point where I couldn’t possibly maintain and distribute them all. So I’m asking the developers of these tools to distribute them separately. Somebody who uses the scene editor and knows how to make it work should put together a distribution.