Missing ppackage.p3d on windows

My windows install of panda does not have a ppackage.p3d
It has a ppackage.exe that throws an error about not having ppackage.p3d
It has a ppackage.py, but it does not seem to work like the ppackage application (It fails on the first line of my package def with “unknown package wx”).

My ppackage.p3d from my mac install can fix ppackage.exe, but it crashes after a while on a dll error, so I imagine ppackage.p3d is platform specific, so I need a windows one.

So, where/how can I get/make a ppackage.p3d that will work on Windows?

Edit: This issue seems to have been resolved. I saw the runtime get an update, so maybe that was it. I don’t really know whats up with it, but it works now.