Missing packp3d

I try to pack my game, but I get this error:
packp3d: not found

System Ubuntu natty, I search at google and so I installed sdk and runtime. ( I installed also the newest versions)

||/ Name              Version           Beschreibung
un  panda3d           <keine>           (keine Beschreibung vorhanden)
ii  panda3d-runtime   1.0.3+cvs20110725 Runtime binary and browser plugin for the Panda3D 
rc  panda3d1.7        1.7.2-1~maverick3 The Panda3D free 3D engine SDK
ii  panda3d1.8        1.8.0+cvs20110725 The Panda3D free 3D engine SDK

I hope, you can help me.


If you installed a devel version, they may not be shipped there.
You can get the latest versions of those tools here:
Grab the .p3d files, strip them of their .p3d extension (“packp3d.p3d” becomes “packp3d”), give them executable rights (“chmod +x”) and put them in a “bin” directory.

Ty, yes, that works.

bye Juergen