missing libs after 1.7.2 build with makepanda.vcproj


This is my first attempt to build panda from source.
I compiled with no errors with makepanda.vcproj but the built/lib folder only has four libs in it, and doesn’t have libpanda.lib or libp3framework.lib and many others.

Maybe I missed a step…

Thanks for any help


Are you sure it compiled with no errors?

oops, you’re right, it stopped at 25% complete. I guess I was faked when it said 0 errors. But The problem was just like another post with Error in ffmpegVirtualFile.cxx

[url]Compiling 1.7.2 on Windows]

I had fixed the pandaIcon.ico in the same manner but didn’t notice the other error.

After replacing int64_t with __int64 everything continued to compile and I see all the needed libs.

Thanks for your help.