Missing header files in Ubuntu Maverick 32bit SDK

I just installed the latest snapshot SDK for Ubuntu Maverick (panda3d1.7_1.7.1+cvs20110110~maverick66_i386.deb), and it seems that the header files in /usr/include/panda3d are almost completely missing.

“dpkg -L panda3d1.7” doesn’t list the header files too.

Am I doing something wrong, or are the headers indeed missing?

Huh, weird. A “dpkg-deb -c” indeed shows the files as missing.
According to the buildbot log:

cp -R built/include targetroot/usr/include/panda3d

And yet they are missing from that directory. Same for the other builds. There’s enough disk space on the server, so this is mysterious.

I’ll get a makepanda build going and investigate. Remind me if I don’t respond within a few days.

I’m not a linux expert, but should it be:

cp -R built/include/* targetroot/usr/include/panda3d

Nope. That’d work if the directory would already exist.
The command should be correct.

Just checked in a fix.

Ok. I’m tracking down the problem now.
The above command indeed copies the header files to targetroot/usr/include/panda3d, but line 165 of file installpanda.py seems to remove them again:


I have checked by inserting a sys.exit(1) first before this line (all header files are still where they should be), and then after this line (the header files are gone).

Oops, didn’t see your post. Sorry. And thank you for the fix.