Missing .a / .lib libraries from win32 installer

The topic says it all. It takes too much time to become apt in yet another language. I’m sure many people would appreciate it if you included some .a or .lib files in the installer so we can jump right in with our prefered language.


Er, actually, the topic is rather confusing. Let me see if I can guess your meaning: you don’t want to write Python code, you’d prefer to write in C++, so you’d like for the .lib and .h/.I files to be included with the binary installer, to make C++ development possible.

(Of course, it doesn’t take long at all to learn Python, and developing in Python is many times faster than developing in C++. Arguing that it takes too much time to learn to use Python is a little like pushing a bicycle down the street because you’re in too much of a hurry to get on, but we don’t need to get into a language war here.)

I can’t speak for the CMU team responsible for making the binary installer, but it may be possible for them to provide these files in the installer as an option–I don’t think they’re very large (after compression). We do have to balance the value of this against the cost of extra confusion resulting from adding unnecessary options for the Python coder.

Still, you always have the option to get Panda and build it from source, which will give you all of the files you need, including the useful .pdb files (which are quite large). If you are planning on doing C++ development, this may be the most attractive option anyway, since it will also get you familiar with Panda’s build system, which would be useful to integrate with, especially if you plan to do multiplatform development, or if you ever want to distribute your application source to any other Panda developer who may have a different set of installed options.