Missing a bunch of header files...

Hey guys, so i was working on the hello world tutorial for C++ and i got an error saying couldn’t fine #include pandaframework etc. so i put the two header files in and add them to the project but then it says i don’t have another header file that is not even stated in the tutorial so i add those files. But then it says i don’t have another set of headers and i’ve been doing this for a while. Is there something i’m missing?

copying all the header files won’t solve your problem, as they’re glued together like a web of dependencies.

i bet your panda3d installation is corrupted

try reinstalling, rebooting or whatever. i’m only guessing - never used panda with C++ :stuck_out_tongue:

Uh, this doesn’t look like a corrupt installation at all.
You just need to add Panda’s include directory to your project’s include path.

so where do i find the include directory?

On Windows, in C:\Panda3D-x.x.x\include
On Linux, in /usr/include/panda3d/
On OSX, in /Applications/Panda3D/x.x.x/include

ok so do i add in all the header files in the include directory?

Whut? The header files are already there.
Just add the directory to your include path in your compiler. You do know how that works, don’t you? Have you programmed in C++ before?