with --nothing, what do I need to add in order to let showbase work? it is erroring with getConfigShowbase() not found, and it looks like pandaexpress.dll and friends are not being made-- from pandac.PandaModules.import * puts nothing into the namespace such as vec3, nodepath…

I guess I am asking is what is the minimum I need to have to let the basic rendering (ie showbase) work with opengl and nothing else?

Well, you’re going to need at least python, if you want to run showbase et al.


–nothing --use-python gives me all of the direct tree and the ability to import pandac.PandaModules, but there appears to be nothing actually inside pandamodules, including getConfigShowbase, Vec3, Point3, Nodepath, etc.

That might be due to a failed dependency on Try hand-editing pandac/ to replace the “pass” with a “raise”.


Just rebuilding --nothing --use-python, I have found that the direct tree and python folders are not even copied into the directory. --everthing works, and I am using the build from that for other things…

there is no pandac/

in fact, compiling with --nothing --use-python is now giving me almost nothing anywhere, and I am pretty sure that nothing has changed since I last compiled it this way?

(I am on windows7, not linux :slight_smile:

Are you sure the compilation was successful?

yes, I am sure, and it is doing something, because it is taking ~25 minutes.

skipping the --nothing and using only --use-python seems to be working so far, it copied all of the requisite direct stuff and is building, we’ll see what that comes up with.

(out of curiosity, what is the difference between --nothing --use-python and simply --use-python?)

–use-python by itself is failing when some .h files are not found where they ought to be…interesting enough,
901+2022+40+108 files are being copied with --everything (which is still working)
901 files are being copied with --use-python
108 with only --nothing
108 with both --nothing and --use-python.

It looks like the 901 from --use-python is the direct tree, the 108 being the bin, include files (that --use-python is missing), and the etc config files. the 2022 or the 40 is the python directory (which --use-python fails to copy in any form).

What combination of --nothing and the other commands do I need to get a minimal rendering setup going?

Hm, interesting. I believe there have been reported more problems about compilation failures with --nothing. I’ll take a look soon.