Minimum Specs

first of all this is not a question regarding the minimum specs of panda3d

once i have built a game, i would like to know what the minimum specs are for this game so i can give it to people.

what is the best way to work this out?


Perhaps someone will be able to give some real insight into your question. But my thoughts on how to do that for my project is to just try it on a bunch of different machines til I find one that just barely runs it well, and use that as my min specs. :slight_smile:

I mean, it seems like it would really vary according to what your program is doing. ie, if you have alot of high res textures, you are gonna need a card with alot of texture memory. If all of your models are high poly, you’ll need a fast graphics card. If you are trying to simulate weather patterns, you’ll need a fast CPU. I don’t know if there is a formula…

Though, I suppose you could do some analysis. ie, determine the total size of textures in your biggest scene to help determine video card RAM. Maybe the number of polys on avg in a scene, woudl help determine what range of video card you need. And then if you can get an idea if you are only using 10% of your processor, that the min specs would be 1/10th of yours?

These are just ideas off the top of my head, but might be able to help. (I’d certainly give some leeway if you use the above methods = )

Good Luck!

To be honest, this is as good as any system the professional game developers use.

The way we usually work is to decide first what minimum platform we will be targeting, and then get a sample of that minimum platform to develop on. Make sure, as you are developing your game, that it continues to run well (or at least tolerably) on your minimum platform.

As a general rule of thumb, whatever poorest computer you have to develop on will become your minimum platform (since you will tend to optimize the game until it is playable on that computer, and not any further). If you’re developing on just your one computer, then that is your minimum platform. :slight_smile:



thats what i thought the answer was going to be.

never mind i’ll find me a low(ish) spec machine to programme on.