Minimaps et al.

:smiley: Hi
i’m new in panda

this code i try to run testing program
but need the chombee camera

but i can’t find it

:cry: someone plz send me chomee camera
thank you

Welcome, to Panda- hopefully this program will show you some of the basics. I wrote the minimap and island when I had only a couple of months working with Panda so it could probably be a lot better.

Sorry about the camera thing. At the time I was focusing on joystick control and forgot that if you don’t have a joystick you need to have chombee’s camera for the non-joystick version

Here’s a new link to a zip containing everything you’ll need.

Right now I’m working on my game entitled Epoch a lot- you can also download it in the forums- so the island hasn’t got a lot of attention: For example the ocean waves are static- at the time I didn’t know how to change that, I do now but my time’s limited.

Good luck.

:smiley: thank you very much

This looks interesting, I’m going to see if I can use your class in my battle simulator.



Thanks so much for the code, mavasher! I’ve downloaded it and adapted it for a project that I’m working on. It’s quite clever.

I’m using it for a more real-rime strategy style interface, so I’m trying to figure out how to handle clicking on the minimap to navigate, but the usual collision-handling methods don’t seem to work with render2d. Have you tried anything like that? Any idea how to get mouse clicks to register on the OnScreenImages?

Holy thread resurrection batman!

I haven’t tried that. I was putting together a Barebones RTS game last year. I was going to post what little I got done here, but the script has some issue with Panda 1.6

As far as get mouse clicks on the Onscreen image itself, you may have to ask someone else. There is a work around- you could just get the absolute position of the mouse on the mouse click. Then test to see if it falls on the minimap, then convert the mouse coordinates/ map coordinates to the world.

Psyco doesn’t seem to have a 64bit version I could find for ubuntu 9.04- I would really like to play this game do you know of any Psyco packages for 64 bit?

Here’s what I came up with

I’ll keep it in my dropbox account until I either find a more permanent place to host it or just get sick of looking at it.

The actual functionality is very similar to what mavasher originally posted, except it provides some hooks to deal with clicking on it (using the workaround you described) as demonstrated in the demo. It also provides a minimap that supports easily “selecting” and "unselected units (the selected unit turns green).

As you can tell, the code structure is very different. Some of that fixes some bugs I found in the original code, some of that is just my personal preference :slight_smile: (I was too paranoid about getting those lists out of sync)

Thanks again for the code!