minimal requirements for Panda3d aplications

Hi guys!

Maybe it’s a simple question, but maybe there are many details to be considered to answer it… and that’s the reason why I’m asking:

What are the minimal requirements (software and hardware) to run a Panda3D aplication??

I’m talking about HD, RAM, Processor, S.O., etc

Greetings from México!

No that’s not a simple question at all. As a matter of fact, there’s no way to give a general answer to that. The minimum requirements for any program you write will depend on the specifics of your program. There isn’t one set of minimum requirements that apply to everything written in Panda.

For example, does your program use shader effects? If so, then the minimum videocard would be something that can run shader effects. If not, then the minimum videocard could be something pre-shaders.

jhocking is perfectly right. it depends on your application. not on panda.

panda itself runs on pretty much everything. even on computers without any form of 3d-grafic-card. if you dont need grafical output panda runs even on hardware which doesnt even have any graficcard at all.

the slowest machine i ever used to run panda was a 850mhz notebook, 128mb ram, an S3 grafichip with poor drivers and 8mb graficmemory.
it’s insanely old but it still ran the roaming ralph demo at more than 20fps.
i bet you can make panda run very simple games on even slower machines.

my recommended minimal setup: a 3d-capable graficcard, one of panda’s support OS’es (win/lin/macos),monitor,keyboard,mouse and soundcard.

if you aim for crysis quality grafics you need a crysis-capable hardware. but you can make some nice looking jump’n runs or something as slow as a 10 year old notebook.

Ok, I indestand the idea…

in fact, it was an spected answer, but i had a hope… thanks a lot for your answers

So, I need you’re help again: I’m programming a 3D Virtual Visit (I don’t know if it’s the right phrase in English bot in Spanish is “Visita Virtual en 3D”) and as a parto of my documentation I need to write the minimal and the recommended requirements to run my aplication… but:

I don’t have any idea about the way to follow to determinate that kind of information for my specific project…

and you?

hm. you can just run your application with pstats enabled. you can roughly see how much video-memory is used. or check your task-manager to see how much system memory it eats. cpu und graficcard are a bit more tricky.
guess best thing is to ask a few people with old hardware to test it and see if it runs. and then roughly guess the specs.

For the most basic application(for exp. draw a cube w/o textures) you’ll need:

Pentium I
4GB HDD to create 60MB to ride
no GPU(CPU with MMX/SSX)
or a GPU with OpenGL 1.1 or DirectX 3 support and 10-60MB GDDR RAM for the best performance
64-128MB RAM

For high-definition graphics:

Core i7
SLI/Crossfire high-range GPU 1GB+ GDDR5
The best motherboars for 2 CPUs

@walex: for an art gallery… you might need quite some texture-memory to store your “art” in form of textures. the rest should run on pretty much everything you can buy in stores.(including cheap netbooks)
if you want me to test it. i still have my old 850mhz machine with crappy gpu around :slight_smile:

@Deny0: your numbers reminds me of dugeon-siege1 which had pretty decent grafics already, 300mhz,128mb ram,gpu with 8mb memory.
oh btw. threading support is still a bit experimental in panda so there might be little benefit from using multicore/multicpu machines.depends on your application,thought.

You can run crysis at an age-old PC too. But you can’t run it at the highest settings.

1st. I am Dany0. my nick is Deny0 because this one was banned :smiley:
2nd. Check my edit: it was sarcasm. Of course I know that MT/HT is still experimental ^^

Ok, thanks, I’m thinking to use the tricky way, or something like that…

anyway, it’s your email on your profile ThomasEgi??

that’s an ancient email address of mine which is a spam-catching account … somewhat. i dont check mails there unless i know i got one. i’ll PM you my up2date one.

Ok, I have your email, I’m gonna send you my aplication as soon as posible… Thanks