i see panda have a microphone library for record sound
but i trying to analyze that sound like a volume detection.

i read about using pyaudio and i can record but still no idea how i can do the analyze.

if somebody know, gonna help a lot a little explain

I don’t know about any microphone library built into Panda. Or any sound analysis tools. There are doubtless some tools available in other libraries, and quite possibly you could access them via Python interfaces; but this is largely outside of Panda.


We have the MicrophoneAudio class, but it only works on Windows.

once you aquired raw samples of your input this will do simple analysis such volume etc. for more advanced audio analysis you’d have to translate the audio signal from time-domain into frequency-domain using fourrier transforms.

for audio-recording on linux i can recommend alsaaudio.

for this moment i am using windows
but i gonna try the audioop

i dont think i need a hard analyzis because i want to detect noice in a crewd are for create a massive interaction with the audio.