MGF Magazine

My Game Fast magazine.

“Anyone can make a game, it’s not that hard”.

Assumes nothing more than basic PC literacy and aims to get you results fast. Issue 1 is the “the one hour 3d world”.

I’d love feedback - good or bad. I just want to make the site a good resource really.


Wonderful job so far! I hope you’ll also get a tutorial or an example (or both) from this: adapting your work (removing the general parts and focusing on the Panda specific ones) you should obtain a great resource also for the Panda community.

I’ve only two suggestions to improve your work. The first one is to install a Syntax Highlighter plugin for Worpress, so your code will look more readable. The second one is to install a plugin to retweet your articles, now you’ve only the FaceBook one installed.

Syntax highlighter - I like that idea. Will add it in a little while! Twitter… I tend not to use it, I only use Facebook, but I suppose in this wired/increasingly wireless world, I ought to add a button!

Thanks for the feedback!


Making tutorials API-specific is usually not a good idea, because your listeners might want to use another language, or API, for that matter.

Granted, there are a lot of OpenGL/SDL/DirectX tutorials out there already(programmers seem to like coding from scratch… :confused: not a good idea, trust me), so I think it would be OK to make some Panda-specific tutorials, and boy, is there a lack of those(relatively speaking, no offense to anyone).

Points taken Danger.

I felt I had to make decisions here for this site, and they apply, for now, only to the content of “Volume 1”, the 3d shooter. So there is a little room to manoeuvre if necessary in the future (i.e., only Volume 1 is really ‘vendor locked’).

I felt an SDK was necessary and unavoidable, in Issue 1, with regards to game engines: “you really would not want to find yourself having to write all of these routines yourself (you’d never finish a single game on your own!)”.

Based on that - I tried and evaluated more game engines than I care to mention - some paid for, some free, different programming languages etc.

…in the end, I wanted free and cross platform - Linux, Mac, Windows. Python is fantastic for this and, in my opinion, also a great “first programming language” - so suited to the target audience.

…and from there, yes - there are other engines in Python - but Panda3D is just fabulously documented, I got results the first day using it.

Hope that explains, sorry for the long reply and thank you for the feedback. :slight_smile: