Mesh complexity question

Hey guys, I have a small question that’s bugging me a lot.
I’ve decided to use Panda3D in order to create a city builder , and I have a prototype, and I am dying to get to work, but I want to create a few quality assets to use when I start actually building it.
So the question would be:
Let’s say I want to model a house. Do I create one single complex mesh, or can I separate it into a roof mesh, a body mesh, and a mesh for every window, door, and details on it?
Will each mesh be in it’s own vertex buffer? (which would suck performance-wise).

You should try to combine them into the same mesh as much as you can. As long as they are in the same Geom object, they will be in the same buffer, and sent in the same batch to the GPU. Your performance will otherwise start degrading pretty rapidly once you hit a few thousand Geoms.

Panda provides a flattenStrong() method that you can call to try and combine as many geoms under a node together as possible; but it’s still better to have them already combined in the first place.