Menu System

I am attempting to implement some type of menu system in my game. The simplest system would have a splash screen, a start menu, a pause screen, and a way to start the game over.

I have already figured out how to put GUI elements on the screen and things like that but I am not sure of a good way to restart a game once it has been started. Is there something in panda3d to easily do this or do I have to keep track of everything and delete / destroy everything before restarting the entire game.

Also, is there a way for me to pause the game while a pause menu is on the screen?

Thanks for any help.

well, you could to make a scene in a seperate file, and on startup you load that file, and when you restart, you delete the whole scene and load your seperate file.

i wouldn’t know how to implent this flluently but this is my idea


Finite State Machines (in Manual) might help you out