Hello, Dear Users!

I’m customer from Russiam Federation. i have some problem…

My Question about Maya 7.0 exporter. I mean Maya Panda Tool, then i drag exporter in to a workspace it work like in a manual-correctly, The UI window(below) will appear. But after exporting process file does not exist. Folder empty!!! And no errors! :frowning:

Maya Command Feedback: Finished exporting (.mb -> .egg)

Besides Max Export work totaly!

Please Help Me ! :frowning:
Thanks a Lot!

P.S. Maya version 7.0
Panda3D Engine 1.2.2
Direct X 9.0C
OS MS Windows XP Pro SP2

it just export a double MB file with _temp… :cry:
example: cube.mb>cube_temp.mb

Script editor:
Exporting scene…
Saved entire scene as temporary file: cube_temp.mb
Using these arguments: maya2egg7 -a model [END]
Your scene will be saved as this egg file: cube.egg
In this directory: D:/
“maya2egg7” ­Ò

Sounds very strange. Have you tried opening a command shell window, and just running the maya2egg7 command it tells you from the command line? It might provide some insight as to what is going wrong.


please write me step by step, how i can do it…


Please, please, please search the forums before posting mindlessly. Perhaps that’s a little strong, but it seems like few people are doing this. Check See towards the bottom of the first post.

Nothing about this…

drwr wrote :

If you can’t start the maya2egg from command prompt, with the error similar to this: ‘missing Foundation.dll’ or other dll, it means that maya2egg can’t find those dlls. Those dlls are belong to Maya, so they’re inside the Maya installation directory, mostly on \bin.

Try to add the ‘[Maya installation directory]\bin’ to your environment variable PATH. It ever happened to me too.

Good luck.