maya2egg2009 Q's - pathnames, subroot problem, frames ...

A few questions and things I’ve run into recently with maya2egg:

  1. How do you get the subroot option to work? whenever I try to use it it seems to be ignored, and I still get the whole scene exported. Or, is there a way to make it not export non-visible geometry or layers?

  2. Something interesting about frame ranges: say you have a scene at 24 fps, you export a clip from frame 1 to 24 (-sf 1 -ef 24). I figured that should be exactly 1 second of animation - but in fact it’s one second + 1 extra frame! exporting frames 1 through 23 gets (almost) precisely one second. Usually I guess this doesn’t matter too much, it just happens I’m trying to sync the animation closely to some mechanical relays attached to a microcontroller :stuck_out_tongue:

  3. Seems like maya2egg2009 demands the full pathname of the .mb file (at least here in linux land … ). I can fix that myself tho.

  4. Also, in linux, there are some quirks with the gui mel script - the start and end frame controls are covered up by the “full/custom” frame range buttons, the button to choose a custom file name throws an error, and there are a few other controls that don’t seem to be placed quite right. I can fix that too, though I’m curious about why it needs to have that mix of normal layout and absolute positioning?

(1) Hmm, it confuses me that there is both a -subroot and a -subset option, and they have almost exactly the same description. It sounds like some programmer once cut-and-pasted one from the other to make a subtly different behavior, and didn’t adequately explain the difference between the two. Maybe -subset is more likely to work the way you hope it will?

(2) How many frames are in the resulting animation? I.e. what do you get when you call actor.getNumFrames(‘myAnim’)? If it is 24, it should be (almost) exactly one second of animation. If it is other than 24, it sounds like an off-by-one error in maya2egg.

(3) Sounds like a bug. Is it something you’d be able to take a look into fixing?

(4) I don’t know anything about the melScript gui, but I doubt there is any reason it is the way it is, other than that multiple different people have fiddled with it over the years. If you feel up to straightening the code out and making it good, it would certain be appreciated. :slight_smile:


the pathname thing is surely easy, and I don’t know mel too well but I’ll mess with it.

It sounds like subroot lets you pick a node and export hierarchy under it, while subset lets you export nodes by name with wildcard globbing, regardless of hierarchy … but neither seems to do anything.

hmmm, getNumFrames() gives me the right numbers (e.g. 24), so I’m not sure what’s going on. In the end it’s not important, I’m sending sync commands out to the Arduino more often so they don’t get out of phase anyway.