maya2egg2009 HELP

Hi Panda3d world!

Like everyone else who posts here i’m totally new to panda3d and am thoroughly confused. The answer may be staring me in the face, who knows.

I am trying to export a model from maya 2009 on a mac. In maya under my menus i have a panda3d menu, i click the panda exporter put in my settings hit export and it SAYS it creates an egg file but there isn’t one on my computer! instead all it makes is a _temp version of the file but it is still a maya binary. Where is my egg? how do create an egg from the _temp? What am i doing wrong! As an aside, everywhere i looked everyone is talking about the libguide40 as a solution but from what i gather this file isn’t in the mac version?

also, whoever publishes an easy to use book on panda3d will make millions overnight. there aren’t any on amazon that i can find.

There’s a new Panda3D book coming out soon … in the meantime try running the exporter from the command line, and you may get more helpful info.

the _temp file is a temporary copy of the maya file that the exporter always makes.

Check your Maya Script Editor for full log.