maya2egg2009 for Linux : download link

I’ve put a build of maya2egg2009 for linux up on my site:

It’s compiled on Kubuntu 9.04 64-bit.

There’s a .deb for people using Ubuntu or other Debian systems, and a tarball and manual install instructions. I also redid the layout in MayaPandaTool.mel, for some reason in Linux the existing one always ends up with overlapping controls.


  1. The .deb installer also does a little trickery with files in your Maya install. As documented in threads elsewhere here, there’s often a problem with versions of some standard shared libraries due to the (old) versions that come with Maya. The affected libs are libgcc and libstdc++. The installer moves them into a subdirectory called “hide” so that maya2egg will use the normal versions that come with linux instead.

I’m not sure why you would need these two files, but if you need 'em, that’s where they are.

  1. In the GUI, there’s supposed to be a button to let you choose a directory to save the file into and a directory for textures. The directory chooser MEL function that it uses doesn’t exist in the Linux version of Maya, so right now it just puts the egg in the same directory as the .mb until I can write a directory chooser in MEL.


Hey, that’s cool, thanks. I think I can get copies of Maya via my uni, so I might be able to get maya exporters into the distribution again, by creating installer source packages or so.