Maya2Egg without install all of panda ?


We are working with another studio. They want to add some meshes to our assets library. To do so, they need to convert their maya meshes into eggs.

I would like to avoid a full Panda3D install and simply drop maya2egg in a directory and use the included python in maya2008 for the scripting.

( I’ve tried to move the maya2egg.exe without success so far. it simply does nothing )

Is it possible, and if so how ?



I’m guessing the problem is that most everything in some way or another relies on the panda binaries. I’m not sure how similar the maya exporter is to the max exporter, but the max exporter relies on some of the panda dll’s. You’re best bet is probably to install panda so you can get the bin directory. Then make sure the bin is in your PATH. The rest of it shouldn’t be needed. My bin is 125 megs.

I ran bam2egg through dependency viewer (I don’t have maya2egg locally). Its listing the following files as dependencies (the maya2egg will probably have a lot of the same):


There may be more for the maya2egg, so I’d still suggesting using the whole bin folder.

The whole bin solution is problematic : for many reasons, i need to avoid as much install as possible.

The unfinished test I’ve done show that maya2egg needs at least much more : SSL, ZLib, etc…
Quite surprising and a bit disappointing.

By the way, which dependency viewer did you use ?

Ah, I finally got them all.

it works. at 6M with every dll zipped it is acceptable.

Thanks, Back to testing.