maya2egg with texture copy feature

Hi all:
Our team in CMU ETC is working on the new egger features for panda3d 1.7, and we implement a texture copy feature for maya egger recently. This feature can create the directory and copy the texture files from the original path assigned in MAYA .mb file to the path user assign in egging process, to make sure the egg file could find all the texture files when the original paths or files are modified.

For example, you have a maya file with named blah.mb with texture files tex1.png, tex2.png, tex3.png, the command line

maya2egg -o c:\eggs\blah.egg -copytex textures c:\tmp\blah.mb
will result in:
C:\eggs\blah.egg created
The texture files are all copied to C:\eggs\textures
And then in the egg file should be just textures/tex1.png , textures/tex2.png , textures/tex3.png

You could also use -ps flag and -pd flag to make the texture path in egg file absolute.
maya2egg -o c:\eggs\blah.egg -copytex textures -ps abs c:\tmp\blah.mb
Will result in same file’s created as above except in egg will be :
C:\eggs\textures\tex1.png, C:\eggs\textures\tex2.png, C:\eggs\textures\tex3.png

Absolute paths could also be supported
maya2egg -o c:\eggs\blah.egg -copytex c:\textures c:\tmp\blah.mb

will result in:
C:\eggs\blah.egg created
C:\textures\tex1.png , C:\textures\tex2.png , C:\textures\tex3.png created

And then in the egg file would be
…/textures/tex1.png , …/textures/tex2.png , …/textures/tex3.png

The below link is the egger for maya2009 for panda1.7.0 . Simply put it in the /bin directory of panda3d and it is supposed to work. We hope you try it and give us some feedbacks. The maya2egg2010 currently encounter some python library integration problem with MAYA2010, we’ll put the updated codes to the CVS as soon as possible so you can compile it, thanks for your patience.

Wei-Feng Huang
Graduate Student
Entertainment Technology Center
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA