maya2egg problem

hi everybody,

i’m having this problem. i have 3 .ma files. each one contains the same model, a sculpture without any texture. i have 3 versions of this sculpture on has 200 000 tris the other one 500 000 and the other one 1 000 000. i tried to export the first une with 200 and it works really fine. but the other two files aren’t working. it doesn’t says errors in conversion actually.
i’m using

maya2egg8 -v -o m5.egg
egg2bam -o m5.bam m5.egg

to convert to egg and to bam. and the result i get on the cmd is:

C:\maya\temp\scenes>maya2egg8 -v -o m5.egg

Initializing Maya.
:maya: Reading
:maya:mayaegg: Converting from Maya.
:maya:mayaegg: ac_none
:maya:mayaegg: Converted, no errors.
Writing /c/maya/temp/scenes/m5.egg

C:\maya\temp\scenes>egg2bam -o m5.bam m5.egg

the bam couldn’t be written and i can’t view the egg :frowning:

i would appreciate any help :slight_smile:

Is this, by chance, just one big mesh with 200K + triangles? There’s a known problem in the present version of Panda when dealing with such large meshes, described here:
The workaround is just to subdivide the mesh into several smaller meshes for now.