Maya2Egg for Linux?

Can the maya2egg exporters be made available for linux? There are linux versions of Maya, would it be much trouble to port the exporters to linux?

It just means someone with a licensed Linux version of Maya needs to build it.


Ah. I’ll try building Panda for Ubuntu then. Thanks for the info drwr.

Just a small note: since makepanda doesn’t support max and maya yet on linux, you’d either need to build using ppremake (no clue how it deals with or supports maya) or you’d need to adapt makepanda to support maya on linux as well.

Hi, if you get this to work can you give me a heads up … ? :smiley: I really need this too but never really did get it to build properly …

Finished it, checked into CVS. If you want me to make a build of the cvs trunk, just let me know what distro you have.