maya2egg 2010 / 2011

I am having a terrible time getting the Maya egging tools to work with recent versions of Maya. (Win7-64; Maya 2010 & 2011; 32-bit & 64-bit versions).

maya2egg2010 doesn’t seem to exist in any of the Windows builds. maya2egg2011 exists in recent snapshot builds but doesn’t work with the 64-bit version of Maya and crashes frequently with the 32-bit.

When I use the mel script, it crashes upon dragging it into the workspace (//Error: Controls must have a layout. No layout found in window:). When I use the command line tools, it goes into an infinite loop saying it can’t find a texture file (even when I pass the -ignore flag to ignore non-fatal errors). UPDATE – I fiddled around with my textures and got it to run successfully! I still don’t know why the Mel script crashes so badly.

Any ideas?

Me too - I’m having a hard time getting this to work in Maya 2011. It seems to not like the “setParent …;” lines in the radioCollection definitions at the top of the script. If you comment those out then the interface opens up, although it seems a little screwy.

Heya, thanks for this post - commenting out the ‘setParent’ works fine. Have no idea why though - I haven’t really used a radioCollection in any of my mel scripts UI so I’m not sure if its just an error of using ‘setParent’ with it, or that after the QT interface of 2011 radioCollection groups are handled differently.