Maya2011 to Egg

Hey I havent been able to run maya2egg with maya2011, i also havent been able to find any recourses to find what i need to do to get it running.

The error i a getting is the application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b) when running it through terminal (windows 7 64 bit) which i think is related to the dll files, i found some things about having to copy dll files for maya 2010 but cant seem to find them in 2011. any help would be much appreciated

i had kind of the same problem

Did you try with maya2egg2011?. I have the same pc (win7, 32bit), maya2011, but i dont have any problem.

There is a section in the manual about the maya convertion. … _from_Maya

ah never mind i found the fix, i was using 64bit Maya and 32bit panda3d. just installed maya 32bit and it worked :slight_smile: