Maya VS 3D Studio


I have a question.

I want to create my first model (like: \Panda3D-1.5.4\samples\Looking-and-Gripping), and first model of scene (like: \Panda3D-1.5.4\samples\Roaming-Ralph), which program is better for this?
I need this for creating my first 3D scene with walking, jumping etc actor…

(workshop: Python2.5, WindowsXP, 3DPanda1.5.5)

Thank You.


The maya exporter is the best supported exporter for panda since that is the program Disney uses. The 3DS max exporter doesn’t get much support since its not used by them, although it seems to work from what I’ve heard.

just for the reason of completeness . concider blender. it’s free and the community provides an excellent exporter for it. its a bit hard to learn but really good :slight_smile: just in case you’r intrested.

Thank You @ZeroByte for answer.

Sounds good. How about export to the Panda3D format?


there is the chicken exporter which provides quite good support for static and animated objects, multi UV texturing (like used in lightmapping) etc. its pretty nice. i’m using it myself a lot.
try searching the forum for “chicken exporter” you will find lots of information about it.

May I suggest following the Blender Underground video tutorials, I found them to be excellent.

I totally agree with ThomasEgi. blender is easy, free and theres tonnes of websites that help you with any problems you may encounter on your way. theres the chicken exporter that works pretty well and i like it way better then 3D studio, and maya, ( my friend keeps argueing that Maya’s better but i conviced him Blender is :smiley: ).