maya texturing

hello to everyone

I have a quick question about how to properly connect all the maps I have rendered (baked) so I can export a single egg file out from maya (or XSI). I have a occlusion map, texture map, specular map and normal map.
I’m connecting the occlusion map in the ambience port of the phong shader, texture in the diffuse, specular map in the specular port and normal map in the bump map port of the shader.
It all looks fine in #d program but the egg file shows only the texture port.
Please if anyone knows how share your knowledge.


Panda does not support normal mapping and specular mapping yet.

As of panda 1.4.2, there was no support in the maya exporter for exporting a normal or a specular map. In the current (cvs head) version, this feature has been added.

However, although the current version of the exporter can export these maps, and the model loader can load them, panda doesn’t do anything with them yet. It will be a little longer until panda handles these automatically.

If you wish, you can write your own shaders to use these maps. However, this process is complicated and difficult to program.

When you say “this process is complicated and difficult to program”. could you be a bit more precise ? difficulit is quite relative…

A quite general (pixel) shader could do the light combination no ?

I am interested, in exaclty the same topic as gigence. some of my models have the same maps and I really want to be able to use them properly.

Oh no? And what does NodePath.setNormalMap do then? It works perfectly fine for me.

Hmm, not at all. I don’t know how you usually do it, but it’s fairly simple to implement.

thank you guys for the help.

but i still can’t figure out how to use my normal map?

Interesting, I never knew about set_normal_map. I read the code and it appears to be using the old “combine” OpenGL extension (which predates shaders).