[Maya] Rigid bind / smooth bind?

Just want to make sure I’m correct about this - maya2egg only supports smooth bind, not rigid bind; is that right?

Maya2egg supports a couple of forms of binding, but I don’t think it supports all of them. Maya is absurdly flexible.

I’m not a Maya user, so I’m not sure what Maya calls the binding mechanisms that maya2egg supports. It certainly supports normal painted vertex binding, whether the resulting vertex assignment is soft or rigid, and it also supports geometry that is directly (and therefore rigidly) parented to the bones. I don’t know what you mean by “rigid binding” other than that.


Ah, I didn’t realize it supported parenting, that actually solves what I was trying to do.

Absurdly flexible is an understatement …

Maya has two bind operations, Smooth Bind and Rigid Bind. The difference is that in a rigid bind, each vertex is bound only to a single joint, whereas in a smooth bind each vertex has influence weights from an arbitrary number of joints. I have a suspicion that Smooth bind is what everyone uses 99.9% of the time. I tried exporting a model using rigid bind and the animation didn’t seem to come through; but with smooth bind it does.

I’m making a segmented, rather than skinned, character, so Parent-To-Joint is the method I wanted to use; rigid bind gets a similar effect.