MAYA_LOCATION didn't use to be necessary...

Hey guys… several years ago, it used to be necessary to set a bunch of environment variables including MAYA_LOCATION, PYTHONPATH, in order to get maya2egg to function. At the time, I didn’t like this: I wanted maya2egg to work out-of-the-box, so I wrote a little program called “mayawrapper” which would masquerade as maya2egg, would set the environment variables correctly, and would then launch the real maya2egg (aka “maya2egg-wrapped”).

I downloaded Panda3D 1.6.2 the other day and found that we’ve experienced a regression - it’s once again necessary to fiddle with the environment variables.

Does anybody know what happened? Is mayawrapper still part of the system? If so, does anyone know why it’s not working?

Hey Josh! Great to see you again. :slight_smile:

Yeah, mayaWrapper is still part of the system, and nothing has changed to its fundamental design, besides that I added support for Mac OSX and Linux.
(diff between your latest revision and 1.6.2)

There must be a bug somewhere. Which version of Maya did you try it with, and on which operating system?

By the way, I noticed that CMU checked in some fixes to mayaWrapper (after 1.6.2 was released) to get Maya 2009 working correctly. If you’re using Maya 2009, you might want to try the latest automated build at:
I think it should include the fixed Maya 2009 exporter. Note that the Windows snapshot is built against Python 2.6.

– pro-rsoft