Maya linux export?

is it possible to build the maya exporter for linux? i notice it isn’t supported right now, but is there a reason it can’t be done easily or just something nobody’s had a chance to do yet? if the latter, i’m very willing to tackle it.

i’d like to use panda for a number of projects, but a linux pipeline is essential; and i’m more comfortable in maya than blender :wink:

here’s my initial foray:

  1. installed the debs and rpms on ubuntu and suse. no maya2egg, obviously,.
  2. did the makepanda build. nice build script, very clean, excellent! no maya2egg, maya not supported in linux yet.
  3. clumsily hacked up to find the maya 7 devkit, install files, libs. something i’m not getting about that script … brute-force-added -I/usr/aw/maya/include to all the compile commands :slight_smile:
  4. fixed a documented cyclical dependency or forward declaration error in the maya headers
  5. build, no errors … still no maya2egg! que pasa?!

now i’m going through the process of trying to figure out ppremake, which is sort of tangly but not too bad - but someone tell me if there’s a lower-down thing that makes maya2egg impossible on linux before i get too far into this, so i can move over to ogre, crystal, or osg instead :slight_smile:



I don’t know of any reason you couldn’t build maya2egg on Linux. We used to build it on Linux in the VR Studio, but we haven’t lately since we still use Maya 6, which doesn’t ship with gcc2 libraries.