Maya layered shaders in Panda3d?

Greetings all!

I’ve got a Maya / Panda scripting question. I have to apologize if it’s unclear; Maya isn’t my strong suit, and I’m copying the question from one of our artists (who hasn’t done much Panda scripting).

We are constructing a small project with Panda3d. We’d like to be able to apply two textures to an object and either blend smoothly between them or simply switch between them. I’m aware of the texture stage engine that Panda offers, but one of my artists was wondering if it would be possible to get Panda3d to understand Maya’s concept of “layered shaders.” He can apply the textuers using the layered shaders in Maya; the advantage is that he can switch between them in Maya as he’s laying things out (without having to actually switch the object’s texture path to another texture file). It would really improve our pipeline if it were possible to simply inform Panda3d that it should build its staging system using the layered shader information.

Is it possible to get Panda3d to understand Maya’s layered shaders? If not, might there be a better way to achieve the effect we’re attempting than to assemble the texture stage pipeline in the runtime code?

Thank you for the help!

I understand little about Maya myself, even though I’ve written much of the maya2egg converter. The problem is that Maya suffers a bit from feature overload.

maya2egg does support at least one of Maya’s ways to apply multiple textures to a polygon. I think it is not the same as Maya’s layered shaders concept, though, which, from conversations I had with another Maya user once, appears to be a different way to achieve a similar effect.

You might want to just try it out, and see if maya2egg converts correctly the model as your artist designs it. If it does not, feel free to send us a copy of the model, and we might be able to improve maya2egg to convert it; or we might be able to recommend a different way to generate the model.