Maya Export

Hi All,

In the following code:

    self.sun = loader.loadModel("models/planet_sphere")
    self.sun_tex = loader.loadTexture("models/sun_1k_tex.jpg")
    self.sun.setTexture(self.sun_tex, 1)
    self.sun.setScale(2 * self.sizescale)

I do not understand why a texture is being applied to the model if the egg model itself already contains a texture. I am trying to export a better looking sphere from Maya but I cant figure out if Im supposed to apply the texture in Maya or apply the texture in Panda (as above)

Am I supposed to somehow delete the texture in Maya before I export the model?


no. you can choose whatever way you like better.
loading the new texture in panda simply overwrites the one loaded with the egg.
this is useful if you have one model and several possible textures.
like a character with different set of clothing or so.
aside from that you can do whatever you like. no need to delete old textures in maya or anything like that