Maya binary... into 3ds

Hello to all who are reading this… salutations to the rest. First of all, I’d like to congratulate the panda team for creeating such a complex 3d engine… like panda 3d is. Um… The reason I joined this… community or sort… is because i’m an 3d artist… in the making… :smiley: true… and… i’m working on a 3d game project. I’m using the maya software and a web-downloaded free engine (unfortunally discovered before panda) who works mainly with 3DSMax… (wouldn’t you know it…). Bottom line… Can I use Panda to transform maya binary scenes into 3ds…? If not… what then?..

Thank-you all for the patience you’ve invested desciferring my bad english…

I ever tried to convert maya ascii to 3ds using 3Dexploration or other converter. Sorry I don’t remember, it was long time ago. You can find powerful converter out there, just use search engine.

You could try doing maya2egg, and then run the new MaxImport plugin to load it into 3DSMax. I don’t know how effective this will be at preserving animation and rigging information, but it should do fine with basic polygons.