Maya animation translatable attributes

Is animation of (Scale XYZ) translatable to .egg? I have a model that I am animating the scale per frame but when I export the animtion there is nothing visible in the pviewer. the animation controls are visible as if animation is present in the egg file but nothing visible in the viewer… :open_mouth:

Animation files certainly support scale. When you say “there is nothing”, do you mean you don’t even see your model? Did you load the model at the same time you loaded the animation? An animation by itself is just the animation data; you need to apply it to a model.


Looks to be no animation data stored in the egg file.

here is the contents of the egg file.

The file is a box in maya that is animated scale from a value of 1 XYZ to 7.222 (arbitrary value)****should the model require a rig to export animation or can the object be animated via its transforms
{ Z-Up }

“maya2egg2009 -p -a chan -sf 1 -ef 30 -cs z-up -uo cm -trans all -o”

{ delete_temp {
"" { }
morph { } } }

Normally, bones are required. But I believe maya2egg will consider a node called “joint_xxxx” to be equivalent to a bone, so if you name your animated node something that begins with “joint_”, it may also work.